6 lessons on strategic competence management


What role does HR play in corporate strategy? How can HR support people in their efforts toward shared goals and at the same time create added value to both employees and the organization? Many factors in this equation are connected to strategic competencies’ management—to people doing things differently than before. Strategy management is first and foremost about managing competencies, so these two should be developed together. However, this is easier said than done.

5 guidelines to leading well-being in the new world of work


Well-being initiatives, workplace health promotion (WHP) days, well-being at work campaigns, occasional surveys… Does this sound familiar? Well-being management has not changed much in decades. While these are all important tools for supporting well-being, the past corona-year has made it clear that the models developed to serve the old world of work are not enough anymore. Increased remote work, structural upheavals, and many other change factors are putting the squeeze on the individual and teams. We need to find more agile, holistic, and tailored ways to support people’s well-being.

HR supports others, but who supports HR?


As the conditions and ways of working are changing dramatically, HR’s significance to organizational success is greater than ever. However, HR professionals are often left on their own when it comes to their professional development, and there aren’t many people to spar within their own organizations. We set out to solve this dilemma. Together with over 300 HR professionals, we explored how servant leadership tools could be used to support the development, networking, and skills sharing of HR across organizational boundaries with an HRLaaS pilot launched in February 2021. What did we learn from the four-month pilot journey?