Success stories – Fonecta

LaaS helped the biggest marketing service provider in Finland speed up to a new era of workplace well-being and employee satisfaction

The next step in self-organization and employee experience

The theme of 2019 at Fonecta was the Year of the Customer. For HR, this meant a customer-centric approach to the development of Fonecta’s employee experience. The company has a long history of investing in their leadership models, and it showed in the high-quality of their managerial work. The next logical step was to enforce self-organization throughout the organization. For Fonecta, LaaS was a great tool for treating employees as self-directed internal customers.

Leading marketing service provider in Finland

Close to 300 employees

5 locations

“LaaS lets us put our in-house expertise into effective use by offering our staff a cross-organizational channel for sharing their competence.”

Lighting sparks

Wellness Manager Päivi Rajala joined forces with six other people to form a team to carry out the implementation of LaaS. In addition to a communications expert, the Spark team had one representative from each of the fice Fonecta locations. These representatives were volunteers, called to come and develop a workplace of their dreams. So many people volunteered for the opportunity that the team members had to be decided by lot.

“We all thought that LaaS was so fantastic that everyone at Fonecta should have access to it right away. We named our LaaS Kipinä (Spark) and toured our offices to promote the new platform for everyone and to gather up new service and service provider suggestions. We got close to 1,000 ideas from our employees and when we launched LaaS, the feedback was immediate and very positive. The first service orders came in within hours.”

“LaaS entails many features that help create an excellent employee experience. You get tailored support in your competence development and well-being, and you are able to lead yourself as you choose what kind of support you need and when you need it. At the same, LaaS helps us spread tacit knowledge throughout the organization and build a stronger community, better networks and support nets, and communication channels between our offices.”

“During the onboarding, everything just fell into place, and the timing of it all was perfect. The platform and our service selection resonated with our employees, and our service providers really took to their role. Unlike with other new tools, there were no technical difficulties. It could not have gone better.”

Making support approachable and accessible

After adding existing support measures related to work skills and competence development to LaaS, a bunch of entirely new content related to well-being and leisure was introduced to the mix. Fonecta’s service selection also includes services designed around the services they provide for their customers, the tools and systems they use, and self-organization. One of their service categories is called Meet the Management with services such as Lunch in a skirt suit – for inviting the Executive Team to your office for a lunch and a chat.

At the same time as the internal service selection grew broader, the support channels became more visible and approachable. To help the service providers adjust to their new role, LaaS coached came to facilitate a workshop for everyone.

“The majority of our services are provided by our own staff, and they are easy to organize in the middle of a normal working day without having to spend too much time on planning and preparing. We are not trying to fix everything with one service, but the light the spark in the people who use the service. Both users and providers have been very satisfied.”

When LaaS was launched, there were 30 services. Nowadays, there are more than 80 services, and service orders keep coming in regularly. On a daily basis, 2.8 new services are ordered through Kipinä.

“Our cooperation with Vincit’s LaaS team has been super flexible and easy. Everything works as promised, and all our ideas for further development have been heard. We are excited to continue our journey together and get our hands on the new features of the next release.”

“Word of mouth and active usage are clear indicators of how easy and user-friendly LaaS is to use. The low-threshold services make asking for help so easy that LaaS manages to activate even those people, who would never otherwise turn to anyone for support or dare to approach people who may seem too busy. LaaS gives you explicit permission to ask for help and to decide what you need to succeed in your job.”