Success stories – Nixu

LaaS as a cross-organizational Learning as a Service tool at a cybersecurity services company

Learning as a Service – making skills visible

LaaS was launched at Nixu during the spring of 2019. The employees of Nixu took to LaaS quickly. They played an active part in developing LaaS into a Learning as a Service tool that made the vast in-house expertise visible throughout the organization and across geographical boundaries. The crowdsourced onboarding process set a solid foundation for growth. And true to their name, the first thing the cybersecurity expert company did was to audit the information security of LaaS.

Global cybersecurity group

Close to 400 employees

Locations in Finland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Romania, and Denmark

“It has been wonderful to see how the service orders keep coming in. The threshold to approach the CEO or a colleague in another country is low. Our experts and their expertise are now more visible and accessible. What really motivates our people to use LaaS is precisely that: the way LaaS helps them to share their skills.”

For Katja Müller, Chief People Officer at Nixu, it was clear that LaaS was a tool for the whole organization, not just an HR project. A team of ten people representing many different focus groups within the organization took part in designing the first service selection.

“The in-house expertise of a global expert organization like us are varied, and your employees are also often the leading experts in the field. This means that the best coaches and mentors can often be found within the organization. HR and management don’t have the capacity to tell the staff what skills they should learn or master – a single organizational unit simply does not have enough insight. You have to go to the source and ask the experts themselves. And when you do that and let them take charge of their competence development, you get the best results.”

“The great thing about LaaS is how agile it is. Ideas can be tested with ease, saving time and resources.”

Picking locks and breaking down silos

Nixu’s initial LaaS pilot was built around 20 services. The majority of the services were related to competence development and skill sharing. The service selection included services provided by managers and superiors and chats with the CEO. During the first two months, 135 services were ordered through LaaS, and the service selection grew with 15 services designed by the employees. Now, there are over 20 new service ideas to be developed further. The agile employee-centricity of LaaS was apparent straight from the beginning.

Another essential part of Nixu’s LaaS are the services provided by one colleague to another outside of office hours. One of the more unusual services is called Secrets of Lock Picking unrevealed – a hobby group for coworkers into locksporting. Afterwork gatherings devoted to lock picking can be live-streamed to other offices around Europe.

The time spent on onboarding pays for itself through individuals’, teams’, and the organization’s competence development

The great results of Nixu's LaaS pilot stem from two key factors

  1. Crowdsourcing
    An internal project team shared the responsibility for the launch and was supported by change agents throughout the organization.
  2. Communications
    Through close cooperation between the People Operations team and marketing, Nixu invested in multichannel internal communication, repetition of carefully crafted key messages, visibility, and continuous feedback.

“We put a lot of effort into making LaaS and its content look and sound appealing and familiar. We also “LaaSified” all of our offices with, e.g., LaaS posters. LaaS has its own name and logo, we post LaaS updates in our monthly newsletter, and we made a video that we launched in a meeting with the whole staff present. LaaS is now also part of our onboarding.”

In addition to internal workshops, Nixu also invited Vincit’s LaaS coaches over to, e.g., coach Nixu’s internal service providers before the launch.

“The initial investment may seem like a lot, but we believe that LaaS will pay for itself through increased efficiency and the empowerment of our employees. LaaS helps us focus our resources on things that are actually worth doing.”

In the future, LaaS will become even more anchored into Nixu’s daily operations. On their internal LaaS roadmap, they have tons of ideas for further use for the platform. One possible area for future use is recruitment.