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LaaS – Leadership as Service– is a holistic and agile way to support individuals and teams’ self-organization and lead employee experience in a modern way.

You can start using the cloud-based LaaS toolkit’s different components flexibly one step at a time: 
  • Well-being
  • Competence development
  • Employee experience
  • 360/270 evaluation
  • Pulse
The online store brings together all the support provided by the organization for both individuals and teams. The visualized results and service recommendations guide the service users to the right course of action.

The future of work requires new tools and thinking

The world of work is changing more rapidly than ever.  We met this challenge at our birth home, tech company Vincit, when we had to find more agile, holistic, and tailored ways to support individuals and teams. Since there were no ready-made solutions available, we had to come up with one ourselves. Awarded as The Best Workplace in Europe, Vincit turned its well-being model into a product. LaaS Company was born of a desire to bring the effective tools available for every workplace.

Support individually

The goal of modern leadership is to serve each person individually and provide support that prioritizes individual needs.

Lead the big picture

LaaS combines all the essential aspects of well-being and supports holistic leadership on an individual, team, and organizational level.

Stop guessing

Data views and AI recommendations help individuals, teams, supervisors, HR, and management to do the right thing.

Be agile

When the leadership of well-being, competence, and employee experience is agile, organizations are better prepared to react to change.

“Your employees are your organization’s internal customers. Why not treat them as well as your other customers?”

Make the change from guesswork to actionable data with reflection tools and a web store for internal services

Webstore for services

LaaS survey results and service suggestions

A few of our customers

How LaaS works

Data security and confidentiality

Relax knowing that you are using a user-driven and information security audited platform where users’ data security always comes first

Accessibility and user-friendliness

Offer your employees a cloud-based service that is easy and intuitive to use, regardless of your location

User integrations

Take full advantage of a hassle-free SSO (Single sign-on) service using Azure AD and Google G Suite’s OAuth2 APIs

On our roadmap: APIs to other systems

Let us know what kind of data you’d like to transfer between LaaS and other systems such as Workday HCI and SAP SuccessFactors

Getting started and scaling up with LaaS is easy

DIY onboarding

The implementation of LaaS is so simple that you can even do it yourself if that is the best option for you. Our support site guides you through the steps and provides you with extensive instructions for users and admins, tips and pointers for the onboarding process, and templates for internal communications.

Shift to next gear with our coaching program

Get tangible tools for smooth onboarding from our popular coaching program and build a network with like-minded organizations. The hands-on program is led by seasoned specialists in the disruption of working life. You’ll get to interact with Vincit‘s own LaaS coaches and other top-level experts. The coaching program is currently only available in Finnish, but stay tuned for future English versions! Sign up here!

Tailored support

This is the best option for organizations looking for more personal support during the onboarding process. You will be assigned a LaaS coach to help you through every step of the way, from broader themes related to leadership models and HR work to internal comms and technical deployment.

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